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Micro Brazilian Bikini
Our micro Brazilian bikinis are made using only the finest materials and stitching in a wide variety of choices.

Microkitten's micro Brazilian bikinis are daring, sexy and beautiful, just like the women that wear them. Our micro bikinis are made from only the finest materials and come in a variety of options in terms of style and color. If you don't mind being slightly more revealing with your swimwear then our G-string bikinis are for you. There are many choices in womens swimwear and bikini swimwear in particular. Our micro bikinis are all about seizing the day in style, and with a variety of options to choose from you're certain to find a suit that represents your personal style.

Our goal is to produce thong bikinis that are as affordable as they are stylish. Take a little time and peruse our website to find designs that are the height of fashion and fun. Some of the great items you'll find include:

The beach is no place to be conservative. Express who you are with a micro bikini from Microkitten!

Our world-famous Brazilian bikini collection is inspired by the original bikini beaches of Rio de Janeiro as well as the sensuous and daring vogue of South Beach. From radiant prints to fishnet you'll find no shortage of wonderful options that speak to your individual tastes. If you're feeling adventurous you'll love what you find in sexy swimwear options at Microkitten.

We believe that it's important for our clientele to have options, and though all of our swimsuits have the element of daring in common they are all unique designs. Which one will suit you best?  Find out today by looking at the many great micro and thong bikinis available at Microkitten.