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frequently asked questions
How many different string bikinis do you have to choose from?
Do you offer microkitten thong bikinis wholesale?
How can I care for my string bikinis to keep them looking great?
Do your micro bikinis have lining and how transparent is the fabric?
How can I determine the right size for me in your Brazilian bikinis?
Can I purchase microkitten women bathing suits in stores near my location?
How much does it cost to ship my microkitten bikini, how long will it take, and do you ship internationally?
Are microkitten thong bikinis and other products I order online available and in stock when I place my order?
When is the next microkitten event featuring bikini models?
Can I mix and match colors/fabrics to order the perfect Florida g string bikini for me?
Where are microkitten women bathing suits manufactured?
What is unique about your Florida bikinis?

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