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String Bikinis
How can I care for my string bikinis to keep them looking great?

We recommend that our string bikinis — as well as all of the women's swimsuits from Microkitten — be gently hand washed to keep them looking as fresh and new as you day you bought them. All of our Brazilian swim wear, from our thong bikinis to our micro bikinis, is made from quality materials. To ensure your sexy bikinis from Microkitten last for many seasons to come, treat them with care! Microkitten takes pride in the craftsmanship of our quality women's bathing suits. We think it's important that our customers take every precaution necessary to preserve the shape and color of our swim suits to ensure that they last for several seasons.

After each use of one of our sexy suits:

Hot tubs and swimming pools contain chlorine that can damage fabric over time. To offset those harsh chemicals, we recommend you gently hand wash your swimwear from after each use. This applies to:

When it comes to caring for Microkitten bikinis, it is equally important to understand what you should not be doing to care for them as it is to understand what you should be doing. Do NOT leave your wet bikini rolled up for any period of time, and do NOT bleach your suit. We also suggest you do NOT dry clean or iron your bikinis.