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Are Microkitten thong bikinis and other products I order online available and in stock when I place my order?

We aim to make ordering a thong bikini, g string bikini or any other swimwear from a fun and easy process. Since we have such a comprehensive variety of thong swimwear, g string swimwear, string bottoms, and string tops, the items you wish to order are generally in stock. However, if any of the tops or g string bottoms that you order are indeed out of stock when you place your order, you will be notified and your order will not be processed

When you're ready to make your purchase, select a color and fabric from a list of available selections, and then select your size. This easy process applies to all of our swimwear, including:

If you choose a size and/or color combination that is out of stock when you're making your selections online, our website will immediately notify you accordingly so that your order is not processed. You'll see a pop-up message indicating that the combination of items you selected is not in stock. You can then make another selection to complete your order.

Once you have selected the swimsuits of your choice, you may proceed to checkout with confidence that the items you selected are in stock and ready to ship to you immediately.